• There is “no wrong door” in CT. To reach the CT crisis contact center for telephonic support or mobile crisis services, people can call 211 and press 1 for crisis and then 1 for children or 2 for adults, or they can call 988 to be routed to the CT contact center. They will not have to press any other numbers when they call 988 to get services, and call, text and chat services are all functioning. Veterans are still guided to press 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line when they call 988, just as the 800 NSPL line did.
  • Youth in crisis? In CT, call 211 (press 1 for crisis, 1 for youth), Call/Text – 988 or Chat
  • Adults in crisis? In CT, call 800-HOPE-135 or 211 (press 1 for crisis, 2 for adults), Call/Text – 988 or Chat